About Us


--- Let's make this simple --- 

The team

A small squad of scrappy individuals, hoping to make relationships with our customers through fashion. There are only a few of us but our hearts are big and our closets are bursting with ideas.


The process

When we travel we make relationships with reliable factory owners, try to meet the actual people making our clothing, and strive to source the best quality products for our customers. Our limited number of products and categories reflect this mission. Rabbit Hole Fashion adds new items to our women's or men's lineup each month to keep our styles up to date.

Currently we source from manufactures in the US that make clothing/accessories for American Apparel and Gildan, as well as source Korean and Chinese products from the same factories that produce for famous retails similar to Lululemon, Athletica, and Swatch.


The vision

We're less expensive than BIG BRAND pricing but our fashion comes from the same distributors and factories. Don't be surprised to see our clothing and accessories at other retailers and at much higher pricing. We keep margins thin and build a brand with the people who matter most... Our customers.

When we add new products the ideas come from actual customer feedback; our team is building Rabbit Hole Fashion's inventory to match real needs.

Thank you for your business